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How to decide between a Fresh Flowers Bridal Bouquet or a Preserved Flowers Bridal Bouquet?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

A lot of brides cannot decide between a Fresh flowers Bridal bouquet or a Preserved flowers one and sometimes they will show the florist some photos. Some will be preserved and some will be fresh.

The first question that the florist would ask you, "Are you choosing fresh flowers or Preserved?". You probably would be thinking "Why is she asking this? Can't she based on the photos to quote? "

Photos shown are taken from Pinterest.

We cannot quote based on the photos without stating if its preserved or fresh as the price do vary. Preserved/Dried flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers in terms of single stalk. You can see that for preserved flowers bridal, it has lesser flowers compared to fresh flowers.

Then why choose Preserved/Dried Flowers as bridal bouquet since they have lesser flowers? It really ALL depends on personal preference. The feel of each preserved/dried bouquets will be different from fresh flowers ones as it has the brighter or sometimes pastel-dreamy feel. If you prefer something more sustainable, then preserved flowers are to go. If you wish to use 1 bouquet for 2 occasions (that are nearer in date ie. maybe 1 month apart), then preserved flowers are to go. Preserved/dried flowers can last for months depends on the humidity of the environment being placed.

Why choose Fresh Flowers as Bridal bouquet? The varieties of fresh flowers are immerse. The textures will be different from preserved and dried flowers. Fresh flowers allow you to have various themes: Tropical, Terracotta, All White florals, Cascading ones, and so far, some fresh flowers are not able to have it preserved ie. Peony. Instead, sola wood peonies are used. Nevertheless, it cannot replace the fluffiness of the petals though. Because of the variety of flowers used, Fresh Flowers Bridal bouquet may cost $148 and above.

Nowadays quite a lot of florists do incorporate dried/preserved fillers, foliage into the bouquets to either create a different feel or using a stronger colour ie. blue. that are not easily sourced for fresh flowers.

How do I choose? My thumb of rule: Choose the very first photo that always catches your eye.

That is your very first instinct.


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