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Best of Bridal bouquets or preserved flowers bouquets as gifts

The Bliss Assembly first created preserved flower bouquet is the LYLLA pink preserved and right now, we have 6 regular designs on our website. Our preserved flower bouquets, 1) Lylla 2) Lexi 3) Luna 4) Livia 5) Leona 6) Amethyst can be ordered via our website.

Lylla Pink Preserved bouquet comes with 2 roses, 1 cotton flower and other fillers. Lylla is pink and rustic styled with some lavenders, giving it a sweet yet girlish feel. Brides can choose it as their bridal bouquet for pre-wedding shoot or even actual day.

Preserved rose bridal bouquet
Preserved Bridal bouquet

Lylla Pink Preserved bouquet (pastel styled) was actually customised by a bride whom preferred to have the fillers more neutral in colours. Blush roses were used, along with light pink and darker pink roses instead as compared to the Lylla's actual bouquet.

Lexi - Our Preserved blue bouquet is styled with blue-purple (currently) hydrangeas, blue roses and other side fillers. Lexi bouquet also comes in Bridal look.

Luna - our most popular bouquet for brides and it is also my personal favourite. Who would have know that white bouquets can be so timeless yet bohemian. It comes with white and nude rose, dried roses, white hydrangeas and others.

Livia - our bright yet feminine, autumn-styled bouquet is named after Liv Tyler. Livia is designed in red and orange roses, with matching hydrangeas and other fillers such as mini pampas, fox tails, golden coins, dried statices, rabbit tails. This is only available in Bridal Bouquet.

Leona - our latest creation comes with a Preserved Sunflower, burnt orange rose, coffee carnation, cotton flower, coffee hydranges, dried dusty millers and other side flowers.

Leona is free-spirited yet sunny to bring smiles to anyone who receive it. This bouquet is limited and would not be re-stocking after sold out.

Thank you for reading up on our floral designs and hope that you can decide on which bouquet to place order on!

- The Bliss Assembly


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