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Our Story


Established in the year of 2018, we started off with wedding decors and occasional flowerings for Valentine's Day & Mother's Day.

During COVID-19, we started toying with ideas of gifting flowers for loved ones especially we cannot gather in groups. With support of friends and loyal customers, we managed to incorporate flowers + weddings as a whole so that brides and grooms can engage us as a one-stop.


Be it Floral Creations, Wedding Set-up, Baby Showers, Party Events, Corporate Floral Workshops, Corporate gifts, Floral Bar. We're all about creating joy through our nifty hands. We hope that we can be part of the precious moments in your life and celebrate with you, being part of your story. Make someone happy, make someone feel loved: We want to express all of these for you.

Our Services include:

  • Fresh Flowers Bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, wrist corsages

  • Fresh Flowers Wedding Setup (ie. Floral arch, tablescaping for dining receptions)

  • Fresh Flowers Bridal Car installation

  • Fresh Flowers Church Setup (ie. Floral Hedges, Church Pews, Altar centrepieces)

  • Preserved Flowers Bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, wrist corsages

  • Preserved Flowers installation

  • Fresh flowers / Preserved Flowers Floral Bar

  • Fresh flowers / Preserved Flowers classes and corporate events

  • Faux Floral Wedding Setup (please refer to our Wedding Setup page as we only have selected colours and items.)

  • Photo Album Reception / Photo Gallery Display / Welcome Signs

  • Flower gifts for Corporate events / Daily flowers for occasions

We don't provide services for Faux Florals Bridal Car installation, Faux Floral Bridal bouquet, Preservation of Fresh Flowers, Large Stage Decor.

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