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For this year's Mother's Day, we are excited to present our gift bundle with MoxieMojo! This bundle includes our preserved flower bouquet and MoxieMojo's designed crystal bracelet.

Size of bouquet: width 25cm x height 20cm


Choose between these MoxieMojo's designs:

1) Raewyn
•Elastic Bracelet
•Bead sizes: 8-10mm
Benefits: Protection, Strength, Love & Wealth
•Green Phantom Quartz •Silver Obsidian •Smoky Quartz •Amethyst •Madagascar Rose Quartz


2) Gwent
•Elastic Bracelet
•Bead size: 10mm
Benefits: Strength, Health & Wealth
•Amethyst •Flower Charm


3) Elin
•18k Gold-filled Chain Bracelet
•Bead sizes: 6-8mm
Benefits: Wealth, Love & Intuition 
•Citrine •Rose Quartz •Moonstone •Jadeite •Gold Rutile •Clear Quartz •Tiger’s Eye •Clover Charm

Customised wristsize is available as well! Enjoy Early Bird discount $10 before 2nd of May.


The Bliss Assembly X MoxieMojo Bundle