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LUNA : Preserved flowers bouquet consists of 2 Nude colour, 2 White rose, 2 Hydrangeas, pampas, others filler flowers! Each bouquet arrangement is unique.


Our LUNA preserved roses in nude (BRIDAL) are a beautiful addition to any wedding bouquet or arrangement. Each rose is carefully handcrafted and preserved to maintain their natural beauty and delicate texture. The nude colour adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making them the perfect choice for bridal bouquets or centerpieces. These roses will last for years, making them a special keepsake for the bride and her guests to cherish long after the wedding day.


Size of Bouquet: Width 35cm x Height 25 cm

*Flowers might subject to change and replaced of the similar but it will be of the same feel.*



LUNA preserved roses in nude (BRIDAL)

PriceFrom $108.00


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