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Please order at least 3 days in advance before otherwise we are unable to process your order.

Cut off Timing will be 11am. AWAY NOTICE: 29th May - 3rd June 2023




Thanks for all the effort. It turn out really great and nice. Meaning for us as it was also from our ROM. We are grateful and thankful for you.

- Yanyan

I would like to say a BIG thank you to @theblissassembly for going above and beyond when I was left scrambling to look for replacement when the vendor whom I've engaged was tested positive. She not only offer to rent their available props at short notice as they need to retrieve their props from their studio before delivering to our venue. The props are gorgeous and I am grateful & thankful for that.

- Yvonne

Hi there! I've been meaning to drop you a dm to tell you how lovely your preserved bouquet is! I purchased your lexi preserved bridal last Dec for my engagement and it was beautiful!! Thank you for accomodating my request to be binded as well!

- Sofia


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